Mistral du Menuel Galopin
(March 24, 1996 - August 26, 2006) 









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	Mistral was my first "real" Afghan.  He was very different from any of the Afghans I had ever had before
    and I liked the difference very much.  He was so much better than any Afghan I had ever owned.
         Mistral had a wonderful structure and temperament, extremely heavy coat and excellent pedigree.  He was king
of the house, but a very good king.
	We lost Mistral to cancer.   Mistral arrived from France on August 27, 1996.  I had him 10 1/2 years to the very 
   day when he was taken away.  He was the alpha male at our home and a very good one.    
     Mistral in France at 10 weeks old
    Mistral at 9 months old.  
  Also at 9 months old.
  Photos taken at the Dallas Museum of Art
 Mistral at 6 years old.


 Int. USA Dk. Fin
S N World Winner '98
Ch. Boxadan Double

 Multi Ch.
World Winner '89-'91
Boxadan Xercise Makes Master

Ch. Windsurf's Brutus

Ch. El Khyrias Ehdoardoh

 Int. Nord Ch.
El Khyrias Hazztafer

 Ch. El Khyrias Que Vadis


Int. Dk Ch. Djoum
El Moluk


 Ch. El Khyrias X-Hansia

 Int. Nord Ch.
El Khyrias Hazztafer

 Int. Nord Ch.
Tuohi-Tikan Kekäle

 Int Nord Ch.
El Kamas Nahrimah

 Ch. El Khyrias Palmmeyirah

Int. Nord Ch.
El Khyrias Hazztafer

El Khyrias Baradarzade

Ch. Boxadan Uptown Girl

Ch. El Khyrias Hopeful Harlequin

Int. Ch. El Khyrias Ehdoardoh

 Int. Nord Ch.
El Khyrias Hazztafer

 Ch. El Khyrias Que Vadis


 Ch. El Khyrias Possible Winner

 El Khyrias Wild Witch

Ch. Boxadan
Danish Design

Ch. El Khyrias
Wait and See

Int. Nord Ch.
El Khyrias Hazztafer

 El Khyrias Quitance

 Ch. Boxadan
Sweet Lazy Queen

Ch. El Khyrias Drambuie

 Ch. Tuohi-Tikan Jumina

 USA Fr. Lux.
Swiss, Dan. Luxembourg
World Winner '94
Ch. Glorieuse Intrigue
du Menuel Galopin

Ch. Pahlavi
Zeni Int'l

USA Ch. Pahlavi Rhythm
of the Night

USA Ch. Pahlavi Puttin'
on the Ritz

Shirkden Shazam

Alarickhan Jehada
of Pahlavi

 USA Ch. Jorogz'
Razzberry of Pahlavi

Zuvenda Renegade
of Esfahan

 Jaffna's Rachel

 USA Ch. Pahlavi Pretty
'n Pink

USA Ch. Pahlavi Puttin'
on the Ritz

 Shirkden Shazam

 Alarickan Jehada of Pahlavi

Pahlavi Jemimah Alarickhan

Ch. Willowmoore
Inferno of Pahlavi

 Alarickan Jehada of Pahlavi

Ch. Chanel
de la Chapelle
Saint Blaise

Int. Ch.

Int. Dk Ch.
World Winner '81
Ch. Boxadan

 Int. Nord Ch. El Khyrias Hazztafer

 Ch. El Khyrias Masanijah

 Ch. Dur-i-Durran's
Black Pearl

 Dk Ch. Faradje

 El Shahnameh Keschan

Ch. Dallas du Mocoloc

 Ch. Zhivago du Mocoloc

Xingu du Mocoloc

Uliette de Pandjah

 Ch. Kadallah's Domino

Amarnas Ashs of Rulyn

 Kadallahs Quinana Domina

              Breeder:  Martial Robin, France      


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