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         My new book, The Afghan Hound, a  Contemporary View is an in-depth book on the Afghan.  This is a book with new
information about the breed and includes grooming, training, sports and activities, puppy raising and into the twilight years.
	There is a full chapter on the Afghan "breeds" that still exist in their native countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan and
India, including many full color photos.  There is also an extensive chapter on nutrition and feeding and the problems with
commercial dog food and the health problems that can occur. 
	The book can be purchased on   The book is $45.00, plus shipping and
handling and can be purchased by anyone around the world.  
	 I have recently authored a book called Afghan Hounds of Scandinavia and Europe from the 1970's, 80's and 90's (Vol. 1).  
It is a coffee table style book filled with beautiful photos of Afghans taken by a wide variety of photographers.
Printed on Lustre paper with deep color printing, the book is a keepsake for all Afghan lovers and makes a great
gift idea, for yourself or a friend.  The photos contained in the book are of Afghans from the past three decades taken  
by various photographers.  They are of the old classic style in serious danger of disappearing forever if not maintained by 
reputable breeders.  It is important that we keep these bloodlines in today's Afghans and in the years to come.  
These were the classic, functional dogs capable of doing everything they were bred to do and more.  It is enjoyable to see
these dogs as they actually were, with no touch ups or software corrections, just the real Afghans of their time.
     The book may be purchased at, click on Bookstore, then Just Published and type in the name of the book.  
There you can browse through a preview of the book and read a few pages.  The publisher has printing facilities in many
parts of the world and therefore shipping costs are minimal.
The following are some articles I have written for the magazine, The Afghan Hound Review over the past few years.  
Also included is an excellent article written by Georgie Guthrie for the AKC Gazette, which I found explains accurately 
some of the problems occurring in Afghans of present.
   The Afghan Hound Review (Winter 2011-2012)
   Tuohi-Tikan Kennel Interview

     The Afghan Hound Review (July/August 2002)

      Dur-i-Durran Kennel Article
   The Afghan Hound Review (March/April 2003)
      Canine Cancer
     The Afghan Hound Review (May/June 2004)
      Estate Planning for Your Pets and Your Peace of Mind
     The Afghan Hound Review (January/February 2005)
     An Interview with Maija and Bodil Arlander, 
      Choice Kennel, Finland

      The AKC Gazette (August 2004)

      Georgie Guthrie  Reflections on Afghan Hounds


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