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For the longest time, I've been partly in the dog show world and partly out of it, mainly due to my work.  From the time I arrived in Dallas, I was working 60-70 hour work weeks (even more during preparation for trial), on Friday nights bathing and grooming an Afghan, driving a minimum of 4 hours one way to a show, showing for the weekend and then driving all the way home again.  It was very stressful and I'm sure many people at the shows thought I was either very quiet or distracted, when in reality, I was just plain exhausted. 

I stopped showing for over three years (2005-2008) due to a heavy workload and an extended move from Dallas to

Denver.   I am no longer working those kinds of hours, thanks to my very persistent boyfriend, Jim, taking a lot of

stress out of my life.  Jim passed away from cancer in May 2012 after a valiant struggle.  He will always be missed.

I began showing Afghans in high school, when my older brother, Ken, bought his first Afghan from a co-worker.  Her name was Lady Samantha III.  This was at the time in the 80's when Afghans were extremely popular and finishing a dog was not very easy.   He acquired two more males from this breeder before he met and married a girl from New Zealand, and soon moved there with all of his dogs.  Before that, we did manage to finish two of them, Lady included, even in such a crowded arena, with the third close to finishing.  We showed all around Washington and into Oregon, as well.

I always knew I would get back into the sport and after finishing college in San Diego, I moved to Dallas, bought a house and acquired my first dog from two women breeders in California.  She was not a very good Afghan, in fact she was the worst dog I've ever had, but I learned a lot from her.  

My first job in Dallas was working at an International law firm with people from many different countries, including several French interns.  I soon saw the cover of The Afghan Hound Review and on it was Ch. Glorieuse Intrigue du Menuel Galopin with her breeder, Martial Robin.  I liked her very much and wrote a letter to Martial inquiring about her recent litter with Ch. Boxadan Double Trouble.   Not long afterward, one of our French interns brought my puppy, Mistral du Menuel Galopin, back with her from France and this was the beginning of my love for the Scandinavian bloodlines. 

I have acquired a few more Afghans since that time and now have begun my own breeding program.  My puppies have been a joy to raise and I always look forward to watching them grow up.  All my puppies are raised in my home, they are not kennel dogs.  All of my puppies are socialized and taken to handling class beginning at 4 months of age. 

I was a member of the Dallas Afghan Hound Club for over 10 years, almost always as an officer, either Vice President or Treasurer.  I usually spent the better part of each year searching for new artists to commission the trophies for the Specialty and am happy to say the trophies for the show were always complimented by everyone.  I also incorporated the club with the Texas Secretary of State, safeguarding the members from any personal liability and drafted the Bylaws for the club.

I am currently a member of the Afghan Hound Club of Finland, the Afghan Hound Club of Sweden and Vice President of

the Afghan Hound Club of Greater Denver.    

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